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After volunteering at a regatta two years ago, where I basically contributed as a counterweight who brought lunch, I signed up sailing lessons on Wabamum Lake. I am not good at this. I’m not sure I will ever live up to my Avi-steered childhood dreams of sailing the oceans blue, but I am learning a new language, a new set of skills and a new sense of humility.



MountaineerOne of my favourite hikes is Sentinel Pass from Paradise Valley near Lake Louise, AB. The scenery is incredibly rewarding and the trails vary in difficulty and terrain. Highly recommended!

Less recommended but still amazing is a Labour Day weekend hike up to Abbott Pass Hut from Lake O’Hara. When we did this last year, we spent the last two hours crawling through a blizzard to the hut—which is precariously placed on the continental divide itself, above the Victoria Glacier. I reached a whole new level of fear, fortitude and accomplishment up there, and I didn’t even need to be rescued.

By the way, the banner image featured on every page of this blog was taken at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada, just outside Vegas. Forget gambling or shopping, this is the best attraction near the Strip.


61218_444995661952_6982172_nI blame my parents for this affliction, as they introduced me to politics in the BC Legislature as a young child. See the Hansard introduction here.

Even though my values don’t align neatly with any political party, I considered working for one—until I worked on Parliament Hill.

Video production for Alberta Municipal Affairs

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 7.39.52 PMI am currently the lead Public Affairs Officer for video production and distribution at the Municipal Affairs Communication office. Here are some of the publicly available clips I have worked on:

News releases

New voice technology for Alberta Emergency Alert, March 15, 2012
Alberta Municipal AffairsEdmonton, AB 

Province wins two international awards for emergency alert system, October 31, 2012
Alberta Municipal Affairs – Edmonton, AB

Minister's awards of excellence honour municipal acheivements

Minister’s awards of excellence honour municipal achievements, September 27, 2012
Alberta Municipal Affairs – Edmonton, AB

Government improves vulnerable Albertans’ utility choices, March 22, 2012
Service Alberta – Edmonton, AB

Royal newlywed tour of Alberta inspires baby names in 2011, March 6, 2012
Service Alberta – Edmonton, AB

Alberta government increases wireless contract transparency, January 20, 2012
Service Alberta – Edmonton, AB

House of Commons fails to support CSR and Bill C-300, October 27, 2010
Hon. John McKay, MP, PC – Ottawa, ON

Melynda Kalyn the featured visual artist at Haven, June 24, 2008
The Haven Social Club – Edmonton, AB


Social media

ABMuniAffairsAlberta Municipal Affairs, since June 2012
@ABMuniAffairs: As the lead Public Affairs Officer for social media at Municipal   Affairs Communications, I monitor and coordinate content for our ministry account.
@AB_EmergAlert: My current portfolio includes Alberta Emergency Alert, who has the most followers for any Government of Alberta Twitter account. Our target membership is all Albertans active on social media, and we actively advertise on other platforms to attract more followers.
Doug Griffiths: Until the Minister hired a special assistant, I monitored his Facebook account.
• @GriffMLA: Minister Griffiths is known for being active on Twitter, and I monitor his feed for any conversations requiring a response coordinated by the ministry.
• Twitterverse: As part of our issues management, I also monitor and report on any Tweets, trends and issues that pertain to our ministry’s mandate and reputation (ie. #yegarena).

Service Alberta, January – June 2012
@ServiceAlberta: I wrote content for the ministry’s Twitter feed.
Alberta Youth Consumer Champions: I monitored, wrote and posted content for their youth-oriented Facebook page.

Social media monitoring
• I have used Hootsuite, tweetymail and a Public Affairs Bureau internal resource called Lighthouse to monitor social media.